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  Citizens Plaza  
Citizens Plaza Building Information  

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  zBuilding Summary

800 Main Street
Anderson, Indiana 46016

Bound by Main Street on the west, Central Avenue on the east, 8th Street on the north and 9th Street on the south.

Located at One Citizens Plaza in the heart of Anderson's Business District, Citizens Plaza lies directly across from the Madison County Administration Building, the County Courthouse and Anderson City Hall. Citizens Plaza also offers easy access to I-69, the main artery between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

Building Description
5 stories with 55,000 rentable square feet.

Exterior - The Citizens Plaza Building is a landmark of the Anderson skyline. Its reinforced concrete frame is enhanced by a substantial amount of mirror-like windows. The brightly lit private parking lots and meticulous landscaping make this a premier work location.

Interior - The fully up to date interior is warm and inviting. The large lobbies on every floor are brightly lit and tastefully decorated. Many of the interior walls can be moved to create the perfect work environment.

Full time monitoring by ADT for both security and fire. The building maintains an identification card system for after hours access. Any room can be made restricted by the ID card system, special keys or keycode locks. Additionally, limited access elevators enable entire floors to be made restricted.

Adjacent parking lots provide over 100 spaces. These leased spaces are closed to the general public. 1 parking lot south of the building is open to Citizens Plaza visitors only.

There is a variable air distribution system which provides forced air heating and cooling. Each floor has many zones for maximum comfort and flexibility.

zBuilding Facts

Year built

Year renovated

Number of floors

Building total sf

typical floor sf

Parking ratio

Monthly parking rate









100% included

zContact Information
Facilities Manager
Regina Rowles
800 Main Street
Anderson, Indiana 46016
Ph 765-649-6002
Fax 765-649-4899